Bhakti Vinod Sabha (BVS) is the platform for young married couples below 40 years of age to learn the techniques for living better family life.

BVS organises House programs, Spiritual Parties, Camps and much more to develop the true and genuine family spirit by centralising Krishna.

“A family which prays together will stay together. A family which dances together will advance together.

A family which sings together will clinch together” these ways we all get clinched and cultivate the higher knowledge from Bhagavat Gita at it is and lives life with higher values.

Contact Vallabh Nimai Das +91 9911264309 to participate in BVS activities.

House Programs

ISKCON Founder Acharya A.C. Bhaktivedanta  Swami Srila Prabhupada wished to see every home transformed into a place of spiritual practice. House programs are the best way to start doing so. You can invite us for a house program in your home where temple priests and devotees will come to do Kirtan and small discussion on spirituality. Invite us to your home and enjoy the bliss of the Kirtan. You can also invite your neighbours, friends and family members for such program and also on special occasions like birthday, anniversary celebrations and other gatherings.

For any query and details please contact H.G. Vajrangi Prabhu : +91-9818249946