We all are spirit but cannot see it. God is the Supreme spirit, therefore, to show kindness toward us, He appears out of His unbounded mercy in the form of a wooden or stone Deity so that we can see him. Krishna also in Srimad Bhagvatam says to Uddhava that “One should worship Me in My Deity forms by offering the most excellent paraphernalia ”(SB 11.27.15) The more one surrenders in loving devotion to the Deity, the more one can understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Lord Krishna is a person, but He is the Supreme Person, possessing His own unique feelings. One can easily please the Lord by devotional service offered to His Deity form. By pleasing the Lord one can gradually progress in the mission of human life and eventually go back home, back to Godhead, where the Deity personally appears before the devotee and welcomes the devotee to His personal abode, known throughout the world as the kingdom of God. (SB 11.27.14)

Deities Seva Daily Seva
Tulsi Archana on Ekadashi Rs. 501 /-
Tulsi Garland on Ekadashi Rs. 1001 /-
Milk Seva Rs. 1100 /-
Vaikalika Bhoga or Fruit Seva Rs. 1100 /-
Panchamrata Abhishek Rs. 2100 /-
Arati Seva Rs. 2100 /-
Balya or Mangal or Puja or Sandhaya Bhog Rs. 3100 /-
Raj Bhog Seva Rs. 5100 /-
Pushp or Flower Seva Rs. 5100 /-
Deities Complete Seva Rs. 21000 /-
Deities Jewellery Rs. 51000 /-
Deites Dress Rs. 100000 /-

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