In Padma Purana Lord Siva tells mother Parvati that the most exalted system of worship is the worship of Lord Vishnu. Greater than that is the worship of tadéya, or anything belonging to Vishnu. Similarly, the most confidential servant of Krishna, the spiritual master, and all devotees of Vishnu are tadéya. There is no doubt that devotees of Lord without a doubt worshipable by all living beings. The best service is by distributing Mahaprasad to all.

Mahaprasad is non-different from Krishna. All the results the mystic obtains in the execution of yoga is obtained by taking of the prasada of the Lord. “O king, for those who have amassed very few pious activities, their faith in maha-prasada, in Sri Govinda, in the Holy Name and in the Vaisnava is never born.” Therefore one must distribute Mahaprasad for the benefit of himself and others.

Annadaan Seva Daily Seva
Milk Seva Rs. 2100/-
Khichdi Distribution Seva Rs. 2100/-
Halwa Distribution Seva Rs. 2500/-
Devotee Prasad (Vaishnav bhoj) Rs. 11000/-
Sunday Love Feast Rs. 21000/-