In today’s time we are searching for permanent happiness and relations in this temporary world. We want eternal happiness because we are the part and parcel of the Lord, till we are with the Lord we are in bliss. But as soon as we leave the association of God, we come to this world which is full of miseries.

The only way to come out of this situation is to re-connect our consciousness with the Supreme Lord. For this, Sri Sri Radha Govinda Dev provides an opportunity for all of us to come back to them through their Guest house in ISKCON Noida “BACK HOME” . 

Here we can have the privilege of staying in a divine atmosphere, attending daily arati’s, honouring prasadam which is non-diffrent from Lord Himself and also taking part in spiritual discourses.

All these activities help us to go “BACK HOME”, Back to Godhead, where we gain a totally spiritual enlivening experience away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This guest house has 23 rooms including 3 beds and 2 beds with attached washrooms. All rooms are nicely painted and are decorated with Sri Sri Radha Govinda Dev pictures. The balcony and verandah near the rooms provides us the nice, refreshing view of Krishna Jayanti park.

Guest house, all bookings : 9015508185