Book Reading Marathon 2020

This BRM 2020, started in the month of march 2020, the aim of the sewa was to engage as many souls and to facilitate and motivate them to read prabhupad books. So in this pursuasion we desired to engage many souls in this sewa hence we used the platform of Watsapp and Telegram channels.

Hence, to accomplish this milestone we needed some guidance, hence we followed the sequence prepared by HH Bhakti Rasamrita Swami.
His Holiness Bhakti Rasamrita Swami

  • Please take a vow that you will read daily . Fix your time. Make notes which will help during quiz
  • We will send daily task for you to read. Every morning by 8 Am.
  • We will also send you one short audio clip in which we will cover some of the important topics.
  • One Zoom Live class after completing one chapter. Zoom is an application you can download it from playstore.
  • You can ask questions personally to me.
  • To make reading effective we will also add some activities.
  • After completing the book, one day will be given to you for revision .
  • Test will be online.

Final scores here

BOOK : Rasraj Srikrishna
BOOK DURATION : 8th May – May 15th
TEST: 17th May 2020

BOOK : Krishna Consciousness : The Matchless Gift
BOOK DURATION : 24th April – May 7th
TEST: 9th May 2020

BOOK : Elevation to Krishna Consciousness
BOOK DURATION : 10 April – 21st April
TEST: 25 April 2020

BOOK : On the way to Krishna
BOOK DURATION : 28th March – 5th April 2020
TEST: 6th April 2020


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