The fiftieth anniversary of ISKCON will be celebrated in 600 cities across 75 countries from August 2015 till December 2016. The celebrations will start with a commemoration of the departure of the Founder Acharya, Srila Prabhupada on board the Jaladuta from Kolkata to Boston, and continue throughout 2016 with special emphasis on worldwide VIP events to celebrate the actual 50th anniversary of the incorporation of ISKCON on 13th of July, 1966.

The ISKCON 50 Global Office has been set up to coordinate and support the worldwide celebrations.

Mission Statement of ISKCON50

To inspire public appreciation for the values and contributions of Krishna consciousness
To unite our society to celebrate the success of our Founder-Acharya and the ISKCON family
To offer Srila Prabhupada a garland of achievements individually, collectively, locally and globally
Goals of ISKCON50A better public understanding of the Joy of Devotion
A life of devotion, focused upon the Divine, leads to the ultimate harmony of being. Devotion to God, Compassion to All is ISKCON world contribution, it is the purpose, the solution; it is the lifeblood and mission of ISKCON. Too often this life of devotion is portrayed vaguely as another trend such as yoga, meditation and eastern promise. ISKCON50 will put our uncompromised product front and centre with contemporary relevance

An enhanced and informed image of our society
ISKCON global achievements and acceptance are seldom understood and rarely accessible to the world in one collective resource. Often people around the world see us as a local minority group and not a world class global community. ISKCON50 will rebrand our image to close the gap between reality and perception.

A shared pride in ISKCON
One of the greatest forces in nurturing Krishna Consciousness and spreading it to others is our own sense of well-being and pride in ISKCON. What members tell friends and families will determine ISKCON credibility. ISKCON50 will provide the opportunity to plan, listen, reach out, review, and reconcile matters which may undermine the many millions of wonderful stories members have to tell.

Five Features of ISKCON 50

1.Celebrate Events

2.Educate the World

3.Accelerate our Mission

4.Appreciate ISKCON

5.Motivate Achievements

The goals of the five features are:

Use the uniqueness of the 50th anniversary to attract more attendance from the public, get VIPs to come to the event, and get more media coverage.

Get support from ISKCON donors and volunteers for a larger more developed event than other years
Build ISKCON reputation and awareness by incorporating specially designed 50th anniversary features into the event through unified branding elements like design, media, exhibits, handouts, advertising, and publications Utilize the initiatives as a medium to disseminate educational material that will enhance the understanding of ISKCON Increase prasadam and book distributions along with more Harinam Sankirtan on a global scale in order to mark the occasion with exceptional level of activities Celebrate our collective achievements and garner unity in the pursuance of greater goals like raising funds for the ToVP or other large initiatives.

Role of the ISKCON50 Global Office

1. ISKCON50 Connectivity

Regular progress updates regarding international and highlight local initiatives.
A hub of connectivity between local centres in order to leverage our global scale.

2.ISKCON50 Initiative Guidelines

The international team can provide advice on event checklists, budget templates, and organisational guidelines to assist local coordinators. Contact for more information.

3. ISKCON50 Marketing & Media

Composite advertising material for local customization, such as logos and posters.
Standardised media releases, media messages, and engagement strategies.
International website and social media exposure for local initiatives.

4.ISKCON50 Merchandise

Products are being developed to commemorate the anniversary and will be available for purchase. These items will be limited edition memorabilia and globally distributed.