Education plays an important role in childhood because it is the age of learning. A child very quickly learns from the surroundings he is put in and starts reflecting back it instantly. Therefore it is responsibility of every person to make such an atmosphere where child learns valuable things and develop good character. Taking the initiative ISKCON Noida has runs its SCHOOL PROGRAMMES.

Our Programmes:-

  • GITA CHAMPIONSHIP LEAGUE:- From last two years, ISKCON Noida is organising Gita Championship League in various school across Noida. In this programme each student is given one Bhagwad Gita along with a comprehensive study material for preparation of the competition. Sufficient time is given for preparation of the competition and on the fixed date competition is held altogether at every school in Noida. Winners are given prizes and trophies by the renowned personalities. There is participation certificate for every participants. Contestants have participated with great enthusiasm and the completion is also covered by Local Newspaper and Media.
  • Regular Seminars are also given in the participating schools which focuses on over all development of the children.
  • Other competition like Shloka recitation, painting competitions are also held at regular intervals.