In Chaitanya mangal, it is recorded that Narad Muni, while visiting the spiritual world, came upon Lord Gauranga. The Lord told him of His mission to destroy the sinful activities of the Age of Kali. “With the powerful chopper of Hari naam sankirtan,” He said, “I’ll cut the hard knots of demoniac desires from the hearts of everyone. Even if the sinners reject religion or flee to foreign countries, still they will get my mercy. I will send “mor senapati-bhakta” to go there and deliver them.” mor means “My,” senapati means “military field commander,” and Bhakta means “devotee.” mor senapati-bhakta thus refers to that devotee who will lead Lord Chaitanya’s sankirtan army, or in other words that devotee whom Lord Chaitanya will empower to spread Krishna consciousness around the world. That commander of the sankirtan army is Srila Prabhupada.

His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada appeared in this world in Sep 1,1896, day after Sri Krishna Janamastmi in Calcutta, India. His father name was Gour Mohan De and mother was Rajani, they also followed the Vaishnavism.Since childhood Srila Prabhupada worshiped Lord Krishna, understanding him to be the Supreme Personalities of Godhead, the source of all existence. In his youth, he met Srila BhaktisiddhantaSaraswati Thakur in 1922. Srila BhaktisiddhantaSaraswati Thakur was a religious scholar, he also comes under the disciplic succession which starts from Lord Krishna. He was the founder of sixty-four Gaudiyamathas in India,and he liked this educated young man and convinced him to dedicate his life to teach Vedic knowledge. He also told him tospread the message of Godhead in English language.

After many years of family life, In 1954 Srila Prabhupada accepted the renounced order and totally dedicated his life to the mission of his guru. In 1959 he formalized that renunciation by accepting the order of sanyas after many years of preparation, on 13 August 1965 Srila Prabhupada, seventy years old, left his native India for the first time abroading the cargo ship jalduta. The journey proved to be treacherous, and he suffered two heart attacks while he was on the ship. .. After 35 days at sea he finally arrived at a lonely Brooklyn pier with just seven dollars in Indian rupees and one crate of his translations of sacred Sanskrit texts. Over the past twelve years he would tirelessly travel, speak and chant Krishna’s name in kirtanaand write numerous books to broadcast the joy of devotion and Vedic culture.

Before Srila Prabhupada’s passing from this world on 14 November 1977, ISKCON had grown to a world-wide confederation of more than 100 devotional ashrams, schools, temples, educational institutes, and farming communities. Everyone who has been and will be touched by the far-reaching culture of bhakti, owes tremendous debt to him.

By the efforts of Srila Prabhupada and his followers, for the first time in history this rich theology and life style have been made available to people throughout the world. Yet despite his international success Srila Prabhupada remained and always felt himself a simple, faithful follower and representative of sublime tradition of bhakti yoga.